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Day: July 20, 2022

Do I Really Need To Hire A Criminal Lawyer After An Arrest?

Being arrested for a crime is very scary, whether you’re guilty of the crime or not. If you are arrested, your one phone call should be to a Daytona Beach criminal attorney. There are a few things an attorney can do that you can’t do yourself.

The Bail Hearing

You’ll be held in jail until your bail hearing after an arrest. At the hearing, the judge will consider the severity of the crime you’re being accused of and your criminal history when determining what you’ll need to pay before you can be released on bail.

If you have a criminal attorney, they will do the talking and will try to get the judge to order the lowest bail possible.

Plea Bargains

According to the Bureau of Justice Assistance, 90 to 95 percent of criminal cases are resolved through a plea bargain. The prosecutor will offer less probation or jail time if you agree to plead guilty or NOLO.

A criminal attorney can speak to the prosecutor on your behalf about a plea bargain and will let you know if it’s best to take the deal or take the case to court.

Case Preparation and Court Representation

If the …