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Day: December 8, 2023

When Is Collaborative Divorce Most Effective?

Collaborative divorce may be an option if you and your spouse value personal integrity, good faith, transparency, honesty, and respectful communication.

In collaborative divorce, both parties will hire an attorney and meet with their spouse’s attorney in regular four-way meetings. A team of other professionals, such as financial and mental health experts, is often involved in a collaborative case.

It’s Right for You

Collaborative divorce is more efficient than traditional litigation because it allows the parties to decide how quickly or slowly they want to proceed. This flexibility also eliminates some of the most expensive parts of a divorce, like using formal requests to uncover hidden information (like subpoenas and depositions) that can run into thousands of dollars.

During collaborative divorce Red Bank NJ, the attorneys and other professional team members focus on the goals and interests of both spouses. They help you determine priorities and objectives, including alimony, property division, child custody, and visitation.

A critical factor in choosing a collaborative attorney is whether they have training and experience with this process. Additionally, a collaborative attorney must be willing to recruit other professionals like financial professionals and child specialists. In addition, collaborative attorneys must sign a contract that