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Checkout Online Patent

Checkout Online Patent

Among these types of company law services, patent registration in India is one of the most recommended services highly demanded by various types of corporate houses. Patent registration is one of the most popular company law services in India that includes preventing and protecting the innovatively invented product by getting stolen, copied, selling or importing of product by an authorized person. Patent registration is a powerful tool that prevents one’s invention from getting stolen by any third party. Patent registration in India involves granting a type of certificate in the form of ownership to owner of patent. Ownership is generally provided by the government on applying patent registration by its inventor.

Apart from patent registration, there is another law service which is mostly recommended by various types of law firms in India named trademark registration that includes registration of logo, any design, word phase or any mark that turn out as trademark of a particular company. It is one of the law services which are mostly demanded by different types of business or corporate houses. Trademark registration brings unique identity to its company in the international market. It is very helpful in case of same product in …