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Risk of Infringement in Creativity And Copyright Protection

Risk of Infringement in Creativity And Copyright Protection

Creating an original piece of work in music, drama, literature, research work, film, design or architecture is a big task which not everyone can perform. Therefore, creativity is always at the risk of being copied and reproduced by infringers.

Sometimes the author gets so engrossed with the project he is working on that he forgets the legalities of the matter. The work under process faces many problems from infringers which can be avoided by acquiring legal protection.

If you wish to add to your legal knowledge, the best way is to consult a copyright attorney. Legal protection can help you understand how to protect your lyrics, photos, paintings and manuscripts and secure them in a way that no one can steal your idea; how to mail your work to yourself to keep a record with dates of your created work; explains the difference between copyright, trademark and patent; tells you how you are violating someone else’s copyright when you cut and paste work off a website.

If any of this has been your concern, this article may help you. But this does not provide the technical legal information. Consulting an attorney is …