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First 10 Methods to Stop Identity Theft

First 10 Methods to Stop Identity Theft

Identity theft has been a issue for individuals worldwide more than the past a number of years, and sadly, it’s a issue that has continued to grow. Individuals should be much more vigilant now than ever prior to with regards to safeguarding their personal info to ensure that they’ll hopefully not turn out to be victims of identity theft.

In an effort to maintain your personal info secure from those that may wish to steal it, you will find some common suggestions you are able to follow to maintain your most personal info secure.

1) Make a list of all your credit card numbers and bank account numbers together with the get in touch with telephone numbers for their respective consumer service departments. Maintain this list in a secure, secure location like a secure or safety deposit box.

2) By no means carry your Social Security Card in your purse or wallet. In addition, you need to by no means write this number down and carry it with you. Scraps of paper can effortlessly be lost along with a criminal just may determine what the number is.

3) Make certain all your electronic …