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Guidelines For Immigration To Canada And UK

Guidelines For Immigration To Canada And UK

Immigration to places like Canada and the UK is a real exciting prospect due to its multi-ethnicity and high standards of living. Both these countries are referred to as a country with broad immigration policies which are more or less similar. The Governments of these desirable countries allow immigration to refugees, students, professionals, people accepted for humanitarian reasons and close relatives of those who are already citizens. The majority of the immigrants opt to become citizens due to the affable conditions in these liberal countries.

The domestic laws regarding Immigration To Canada laws of these nations have undergone many changes since their inception. Permission to migrate is granted to different categories of applicants provided they fulfill some criteria. The family class migrants are eligible for a Family Visa which can be acquired with the help of their family members who are willing to sponsor them. The economic class includes skilled workers and business people who are eligible for the Working Visa. Holders of this visa get permanent residence status, and all the rights of a citizen except the right to vote. The prospects of higher education at affordable costs make Canada and the …