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Get Over The Prenup Hump

Get Over The Prenup Hump

Marriage is a binding contract. It means that you no longer are an individual entity, and are part of a partnership. This kind of partnership means that you totally put your trust into financial and legal agreements. While this is an institution of not only the church, the state and society, there are no guarantees that it will always work in the long. There are some instances that it can be beneficial for both parties that it is considered null. Going into a commitment without having some form of protection is rather like waiting for a fire to start before you have fire extinguishers.

Honesty and Clarity is Key

Prenup agreements are sensitive topics. They can be a cause for resentment, and even distrust. It is very important that you broach this topic to your partner slowly. Be honest to them how you feel, and let your partner your intentions. Keep it light but make sure that they know the importance of the situation. Emphasize the need to give each other protection for rainy days.

Start Early

Talk about the topic before you even get legal representation ahead of time. Once you have an agreement, …