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Useful Guide On How To Prevent Identity Theft

Useful Guide On How To Prevent Identity Theft

For over few decades, many people are falling victim of identity theft. If your personal information goes in a hand of a thief or criminal then they can misuse it opening your bank accounts in your name, and fraudulently apply for loans and credits. They can use it for their personal gains, so knowing how you prevent identity theft can always safe yourself from becoming an identity theft victim.

Here are some few solutions that help you to know how to prevent identity theft:

It is important that you closely monitor your credit. As we know credit report contains details and info about your credit accounts as well as bill paying history. So, you can be tipped off when someone is impersonating you. Be careful about suspicious signs such as accounts you didn’t open. It’s a good idea to consider Identity Theft Protection Services ranging from credit monitoring to database scanning, for extra security.

Keeping records of your financial data as well as transactions is one tip on how you can protect yourself from IdentitTheft Prevention. Make sure you review your statements on regular basis for any activity or changes you didn’t …

Secure Paper Shredding to Prevent Identity Theft

Secure Paper Shredding to Prevent Identity Theft

What many Americans do not realize, is that it is 100% legal for people to rifle through your garbage. In this digital era, most identity theft still occurs through the paper trail. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses and individuals to destroy any sensitive information on paper and consider a document shredding service when applicable. Criminals will take it upon themselves to “dumpster dive” for your valuable information to steal from you. By shredding all documentation, containing sensitive, personal information, you are taking one of the most important steps towards protecting your identity, and safeguarding your family’s future. The fact is that everyone should shred their personal documents in order to avoid a detrimental situation.

What Should I Shred?

Items that should be shredded would be anything that includes your social security number, your signature, medical records/bills, legal information, account/bank information that you no longer need, and passwords and PIN’S. You should also consider secure shredding for any sensitive material that includes, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

How Long Should I Hold On To Documents Before Shredding Them?

After a long period of time, you may find that your file cabinets have …