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Patent Outsourcing Techniques

Patent Outsourcing Techniques

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), a forte sector within the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) space, is attracting international law firms who are outsourcing legal work to India. Within the LPO industry, it is patent outsourcing, which is catching up faster than the rest of LPO jobs.Determine if the commodity, service or technology is subject to EAR ( Export Administration Regulation) of the BIS ( Bureau of Industry and Security), the enforcement arm of the DOC( Department of Commerce), either by self-assessment of the CCL (Commerce Control List) , or preferably, by filing a CCR ( Commodity Classification request ) with the is necessary that the patent application must include one or more claims giving details of the new invention that must be industrially feasible, useful, and inventive.

Remember a patent is not a right to practice or use the invention but prevent others from from making, using, selling, or offering the invention for pharmaceutical industry, with its rich scientific talent and research capabilities, supported by Intellectual Property Protection regime, is well set to take a great leap forward. As regards product patents for drugs, an amendment to the Indian Patents Act has been carried out through the Patent …