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Removal Defense Part Three- Voluntary Departure

Removal Defense Part Three- Voluntary Departure

Voluntary Departure is perhaps the form of relief that individuals in removal proceedings least like to discuss for the simple fact that such a relief ultimately leads to that person’s departure from the United States. However, voluntary departure is an important form of relief as it allows an alien to leave the United States under his own volition and not under an order of removal. Therefore, a person who has been granted voluntary departure will not be subject to the 10-year inadmissibility penalty for those ordered removed. This form of relief is not a simple as it may appear, so if you are in removal proceedings make sure you consult with a seasoned Deportation Lawyer in VA.

When Can Voluntary Departure Be Granted?

Voluntary departure can be granted by ICE prior to the initiation of removal proceedings, or it can be granted by the immigration judge at the beginning of immigration proceedings. It is generally easier to be granted voluntary departure prior to the end of immigration proceedings. In such circumstances, the alien must pay for his or her trip home. Furthermore, in order to be granted voluntary departure by an Immigration Judge, the …