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3 Ways Insurance Companies May Try to Cheat You in Car Accidents

3 Ways Insurance Companies May Try to Cheat You in Car Accidents

Insurance companies run compelling adverts that make you feel they will readily cover all expenses you incur during car accidents. They will promise to cover damages, medical bills, and even third-party expenses. However, when that time comes, many accident victims discover that these companies are not as honest as they appear. Here are three ways through which insurance companies may try to cheat you.

Act Friendly

When an accident gets reported, the insurance company will quickly send a claims adjuster to talk with you. The claims adjuster, just like all other representatives of insurance companies, has been trained to act politely and be cordial with clients. They will show care, ask questions, and even pay visits if the accident victim is admitted into a hospital. They will do all they can to make the client believe that they have the client’s best interest at heart. On the contrary, a claims adjuster’s primary job is to save the insurance company money. The show of care will linger until the accident victim’s statute of limitation expires. Once the client has lost that window to lay claim to their settlement, the attention from the representative would trickle to a stop. The trick is deliberate, and you should look out for it.

Turn Your Words Against You

During those times the representatives from the company communicate with you, they will be on the lookout for contradictory statements from you. The lengthy conversations with the insurance company’s representative seek to find solid reasons that disqualify you from claiming the settlement you deserve. They may take recorded statements. So, it is safest you find a lawyer to guide you throughout the process. Once you say something that contradicts your original claim, it can be used against you, and the insurance company would relieve themselves of any responsibilities. There are attorneys who specialize in accident cases, and they can help you avoid this mistake. Remember, the insurance company is not on your side. Your loss, their gain.

Instigate Quick Settlement

When they are not trying to delay you, they will be rushing you into a quick deal that favors them more than it favors you. The back-and-forth process of legal battles, making statements, and evaluating the expenses incurred during an accident exhausts some victims. Insurance companies, attempting to take advantage of the fatigue of their clients, will push for a quick settlement where the accident victim will be underpaid. The earlier they settle, the earlier they extricate themselves from any further complications and expenses. Do not settle for a quick deal.

Being a victim of these tricks can put an unnecessary strain on your finances. Imagine you are the rear driver involved in a rear end accident. A third party’s car has been damaged, its bumper knocked off. And you might be on the job so workers compensation is a possibility to consider. Things can get complicated. If you are underpaid or not paid at all by the insurance company, then you will have to fix the third party’s car with your own money. So, to avoid being in such a messy situation, hire an attorney to protect you from these insurance companies.