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4 Things To Do Immediately After a Car Accident

4 Things To Do Immediately After a Car Accident

When someone runs into you on the highway or a side street, that impact could greatly harm you or your passengers. The force of metal to metal is enough to cause distress to your bones and muscles, leaving you with physical injuries that are not immediately evident. To protect yourself and your loved ones, be sure to look out for yourself immediately after the accident occurs. Strive to do the following four steps.

1. Speak Only to Officials

Call the police right away, and avoid speaking with any witnesses or the passengers in the other car. You don’t want to share stories or accept insurance without a documented report. If something came up later, you could struggle to seek assistance because you skipped this step.

2. Pull Over to a Safe Zone

Avoid causing more trouble by getting your vehicle and yourself out of the main road. Look for a safe area to pull over and wait for the officers to arrive. If this isn’t possible because of car damage, find a spot in the grass where you are not in the way of other traffic. The goal is to minimize additional injuries.

3. See a Doctor

You may not require transportation to a hospital, but you could have a concussion or whiplash. Set up an appointment that day or the next to visit a medical facility specializing in car accident injuries. Be sure to get x-rays and have a thorough evaluation.

4. Contact Professionals

Speak with your insurance agent as well as a personal injury lawyer Durham. These experts can work together to seek compensation for your issues, including fixing the car and paying off medical bills. If you require time out of work, the lawyer could file for additional funds.

When an accident happens, you may be shaken and confused. Try to remain calm and work with the police. Then, assess your injuries with medical supervision. These details are essential if you plan to seek compensation.