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Cant We Just Get Along?

Cant We Just Get Along?

A pandemic can take its toll in many ways. Especially if a lock-down occurs to help stop the spread of such a highly contagious virus. Everyone is affected in one or many more ways, beyond getting extremely sick, going to the emergency room of a hospital, being admitted to an intensive care unit, or losing their life.

In a lock-down, people are, for the most part, confined to their homes. Some companies actually benefit from this, like grocery delivery companies, like InstaCart, and restaurant delivery services like Door Dash and Uber Eats. However people eventually start going stir crazy, spending a lot more time with their families than they are accustomed to, and even close family members, including spouses. Domestic violence spikes upward and can even lead to the hiring of a divorce attorney Tampa.

Because the economy suffers overall in a pandemic lockdown, many more people suffer in other ways. With restaurants that are not prepared to offer take-out service or curbside pickup losing business as people are just not going out to dine, their employees are laid-off and, in some cases, forced to close temporarily. In extreme cases, these restaurants may even close permanently.

Department stores and shopping malls will suffer because people are not going out shopping. With people forced to sequester indoors, they are also not doing other activities. This leads to even more employees being laid off as they are forced to close until people feel safe again and the lock-down is lifted or eased. The mass unemployment results in more people being confined to their homes, causing friction as boredom sets in and tempers start to flare.

So many negative results of a pandemic steamroll like this create even more negative results. Added to these frustrations is the sense that all these events are never going to end. It becomes imperative that people retain their hope that this too shall end eventually to return to some normalcy and their lives can resume.