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Car Accidents And The Unseen Financial Consequences of Not Seeking an Attorney

Car Accidents And The Unseen Financial Consequences of Not Seeking an Attorney

Car Accidents And The Unseen Financial Consequences of Not Seeking an Attorney

Car accidents are one of the most harrowing things a person or a family can go through – from an accident which destroys a car to one where death is involved, car accidents have the power of making people realize just how lucky they are for everything to be normal.

Because, in the blink of an eye, it can change. My accident caused no injuries – I hit a farm tractor, well after dark, The tractor did not have any lights or reflectors; he was at a dead stop lifting a bale of hay out of the ditch when I akmost saw him in time and tried to steer away. My right front hit his left rear wheel, breaking the tractor in two and totaling my Nissan.

It had been such a good night, twenty seconds ago.

My real mistake was not the accident – that was clearly his fault, as it was a particularly dark road on a dark night. My real mistake came when I did not contact a lawyer, and instead made a claim on my own insurance. More about that later.

If I had hired a New York Car Accident Lawyer, he could have told me that the farmer definitely had insurance (though farm insurance is different, the liability was the same).

I of course ended up paying for the accident through increased insurance payments, which would not have happened had I gotten good legal representation – his farm insurance would have been paying for the rental car after the first day; let me say again, he was clearly at fault, and got a ticket by the police.

So I just gaze away my rights – without even thinking twice I very consciously decided not to sue – but I should have, for two very important reasons – one is the fact that he was at fault and it is just decent for that person to take responsibility. The second is money – this thing, minor as it turned out, has cost me thousands and thousands of dollars over the last years in increased insurance rates.

If you have any questions about any type of damage or injury that is another party’s fault, it is essential that you at least consult a reputable New York Construction Accident Attorney or personal injury lawyer. You are not in a state of mind, after even a minor accident, to truly think things through – before you make a claim on your own insurance, call a lawyer – it would have helped me immensely, and that is what he carried insurance before – in case he makes a mistake that causes injury or financial loss.

No injuries, but that is still hurting my feelings. A good lawyer would have easily determined who held the farm insurance and approached them directly – there would have been ample evidence, and I would be better off by multiple thousands of dollars.

Don’t be duped or bullied or pressured into giving up your rights for anyone – including yourself. If you are reading this, be very careful of simply abdicating your legal position by not claiming or signing away your rights after someone else has caused you injury or loss. By inaction or specific decision, always consult a lawyer first.