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Copyright Challenges And Professional Help

Copyright Challenges And Professional Help

Copyright Challenges And Professional Help

For an entertainment attorney who deals on and off with copyright laws and protection policies, it is quite amusing to know how people misjudge the concept of copyright. But then again it becomes the responsibility of those with knowledge to prove this myth wrong. Some people believe in avoiding the use of phrases as “I copyrighted” and “to copyright” completely as it confirms the misconception of its meaning further.

Generally people believe a piece of work is authorized to its owner when it has a registered copyright in the name of its originator. Basically, any piece of work, when created, is completely under the authority of its creator. By the Federal Law, when an idea comes into a tangible form of expression, it automatically has copyright protection. When a story is penned down; when a song, sung is put into notes, it becomes into a tangible form and hence is copyrighted.

Any work in art, design, music, literature or even an exam question paper, is the creativity of the author or originator alone and his sole property from the minute it is created and brought into a copyrightable form. There are certainly lots of advantages of registering a copyright but an unregistered piece of work does not mean that the authority of the owner can be challenged.

Due to piracy everywhere, it is considered better to have a registered copyright. Though it is not a precondition to copyright, a registration makes it easier to convince the others of your possession. In case of an infringement, producing a legally approved document ensures a stronger position in the argument. Another advantage is that any new product being produced will have a lesser chance of similarity with a registered work. When an investor or creator plans a new project, research is conducted to find out more about the existing works in the similar field. If a registered piece is copied it is plagiarism, for an unregistered piece, the originality will be hard to prove.

As an individual is generally not aware of the legal procedures, entertainment lawyers help in the process. Besides, not everyone is allowed to approach the Copyright Office for this purpose. Seeking professional help is a better option as it keeps an eye on the violation of copyright and keeps track of big and little details even if the client is too busy with his own projects and is unable to keep tabs of the protection of his product.