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Distinctions Between Civil And Criminal Lawyer Vancouver

Distinctions Between Civil And Criminal Lawyer Vancouver

Distinctions Between Civil And Criminal Lawyer Vancouver

A lawyer for the civil or criminal cases is a legal representative specialized in the field of law or cases that involve the acts related to civil or criminal laws. The fact is the person is not guilty until proven and the civil or criminal lawyers work on the basis of this rule. The lawyers have specific duties to fulfil.

Many more facts about civil and criminal lawyer Vancouver are there which one will come to know by going through this article.

Type of crime

The criminal lawyers are known to handle cases like robbery, assault crimes, murder, etc. Drugs production and shoplifting are two major charges which they look after. Contrary to this, the civil lawyers are specialised in the cases like divorces, disputes between property owners and tenants, disagreements on the basis of contracts, real property issues, intellectual property disputes and much more.

Where the government is known to file lawsuit in criminal law, private party like any person or corporation do the same in civil law.

Notion of punishment

One of the major differences between both the cases can be felt in terms of punishment. Criminal defence lawyers handle different aspects of the cases in specific ways to save clients against punishments like incarceration, execution or fines. Misdemeanours come with a maximum sentence of one-year incarceration and felonies as another category of statutory crime which is known for a minimum of one-year incarceration; the attorneys work with the aim to protect the clients against both the categories of punishment.

Civil lawyers have different duties and they work with the objective to protect their clients against the financial losses or damages. To deter future behaviour, certain punitive damages are awarded in civil law and are possible when any person has been proven to have a gross negligence or malicious intent of rights.

Case preparation & management

The burden of proof is another point of discussion that differentiates both kinds of laws and the working behaviour of civil and criminal law experts. If evidence favours the person by a 50 probability, the person wins the case in terms of civil law but when it comes to criminal law, it is mandatory for the judges to be certain by around 98 or 99 percent sure that an individual is not guilty. Considering this fact, the preparation of case, interaction with clients and overall case management will be found different in both the case kinds.

Hence, the above discussions reflect the clear understanding of differences between the civil and criminal lawyers Vancouver.