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Do You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Do You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Workers compensation is built into the country’s employment system to protect workers from financial devastation due to injuries incurred on the job, and in theory it protects you by paying for necessary medical care and recovery after any workplace accident. In practice, there are often treatments and procedures that are excluded, especially when the injury leads to chronic conditions like ongoing pain or mobility limitations. It’s easy to see a lawyer as necessary when that happens or when a claim is denied outright, but should you wait for that to happen before consulting with an attorney? If not, when is the right time to have a talk about your claim?

Legal Help With Initial Claims

While a lawyer will cost money, it might be worth the cost to get help with your application at the very beginning of the process. An Orlando workers compensation lawyer will have experience with all the required documentation and the most persuasive ways to present it in the application packet, reducing the chance of a rejection in the first place. Application preparation is typically a fraction of the cost of a hearing or trial, so it’s often a smaller investment than expected too. Even if you don’t hire an attorney to prep the entire workers compensation application, a paid consultation can help you parse that initial claim and your needs, making it easier to handle the application yourself.

Appealing Rejections

Any lawyer with experience in employment law will understand how to help you appeal a rejection, but when that lawyer has been on the case since the beginning and has full knowledge of your entire trail of communication with the employer and the benefits provider, it’s easier to act quickly. That’s another good reason why you might want to bring in an attorney at the beginning of the process.