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Ensure Protection From Identity Theft in Your Small Business

Ensure Protection From Identity Theft in Your Small Business

Ensure Protection From Identity Theft in Your Small Business

Consumer identity theft is in the news every day, and for good reason: consumers are the fastest growing victims of identity theft. They often become victims as a direct result of small businesses not safeguarding their personal information. From exposed credit card information at a restaurant to easily accessible patient records at a physician’s office, small businesses need to keep sensitive data under lock and key to provide protection from identity theft.

Are you one of those small businesses ignoring identity theft threats? If so, you are putting your business at serious risk. In addition to the countless revenue you will lose when customers flee to your competitors, you may also face costly lawsuits that can literally put you out of business.

Many small business owners like you are so busy serving your customers’ needs that you forget to protect the data that makes you vulnerable to hackers, data breaches, and even employee identity theft. To avoid small business identity theft, you must take every possible precaution to ensure that you, the company, the employees, and your customers have protection from identity theft.

There are many proven strategies to prevent small business identity theft, and there are a couple of basic rules: 1) identify and implement security strategies to physically protect business information and customers’ private data, and 2) ensure that computer networks are virtually protected against data breaches that can result in identity theft.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the questions you should be asking yourself if you want to ensure your business’ protection from identity theft:

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