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Get to Know More About Form N-648 Used Along Naturalization Form N 400

Get to Know More About Form N-648 Used Along Naturalization Form N 400

Get to Know More About Form N-648 Used Along Naturalization Form N 400

The US naturalization process also consists of a citizenship test to check applicant’s English ability and also a civics test. Due to any kind of physical or mental impairments applicants can apply for an exemption from the test. Applicants seeking an exception to the English and civics test requirements of the naturalization process should file Form N-648. Along with the application for naturalization Form N 400 this form has to be submitted.

Applicants with physical or mental impairments who are filing the application for US citizenship may request for waiver from the English test and the US history and government test, which is a part of the naturalization process. Regarding the disability a medical professional’s certification is required for the waiver. “Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions” Form N-648 should be used by the medical professional to complete certification.

To applicants who cannot study or express knowledge of English or US government and history since they are medically impaired with a combination of conditions or any severe condition the waiver is granted by USCIS. The important points about Form N-648 and also what the medical profession should know while completing the form would be discussed here.

Form N-648 details:

Following are the points a medical professional should know while completing Form N-648:

The applicant’s analysis should be established and certified,With reference to any or all acceptable clinical or laboratory tests or methods of analysis which are medically accepted to come to a conclusion about anatomical, physiological, or psychological impairment a medical profession should explain how he /she diagnosed it.Supporting the applicant’s inability to express knowledge of English and/or U.S. history and government explanation is required with details about the connection between the applicant’s medical condition and his/her inability to take up the tests with more information on the disability or impairment or a combination of impairments.

Background information required

Some disabilities may not make some applicants able to learn or display their knowledge but can make learning and knowledge demonstration very difficult. A waiver to such applicants from taking up English and civics test would not be given by USCIS. In order to issue a waiver the applicant’s inability to fulfill testing requirements is not enough under the law.

However under the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or the Rehabilitation Act such applicants may be eligible and be given a chance to fulfill the requirements through an adjustment. Form is not required for this. But before certifying a medical omission the medical professional needs to ensure that applicant doesn’t come under this category. Also to support an applicant’s inability to study and /or express knowledge his/her illiteracy to read and write in own native language is not acceptable by itself for waiver.

To the English and/or U.S. history and government tests following are just a few modifications that may be made:

In plain language questions can be askedFor people who have hearing difficulties written testsFor applicants with vision impairments tests in large font print or oral examinations.

Applicants may be unable to take the English and/or Civics exams even with modifications listed above because of physical impairments such as vision or hearing loss. Form N-648 should be filed by these applicants.