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How Rear End Accidents Take Place

How Rear End Accidents Take Place

When it comes to the claims which vehicle accident lawyers deal with, the large majority of the collisions are rear end accidents. When such an accident takes place the passengers of the car in front often suffer bad injuries, because the rear of most cars is weaker than the front. These are the most common accident for a reason, and these are the problems with are causing such accidents.

Lane Changes

In almost all cases which lawyers see, the liability for the accident is on the car behind, but there are some situations where it is the car in front which has caused the problem. More often than not this happens when a car changes lanes, and doesn’t check first to see if there are any cars coming. Another cause of these accidents is that a car moves into a faster lane, and fails to change with enough speed, causing the arriving car to brake harshly and crash.

Drink and Drugs

Sadly there are still people who believe that they are alright to get behind the wheel of a car even though they are impaired by drink or drugs. We have been told for many years now about the dangers which these drivers present to other road users. Ultimately the reaction speed of anyone under the influence is far slower than a normal person and that is why they are often late to brake and cause a rear end accident.

Driving Distracted

It is always important that anyone who is driving a vehicle is fully focused on where they are going, potential hazards up ahead and the safety of other road users. This however is often not the case and we are seeing more and more injury claims made, from accidents caused by distracted drivers. Checking the phone, changing the radio station or talking to people in the car are so often the cause of these kinds of accidents. People greatly underestimate just how quickly an accident can occur, and in reality a second or two of poor concentration could lead to an accident.

Driving Too Fast

Driving too fast is not just about driving faster than what the speed limit is, it can also mean failing to read a situation such as poor weather conditions, and driving faster than what is deemed safe. So many rear end accidents are caused by drivers who are going too fast and who do not give themselves enough time to brake when there is stationary traffic ahead. This is certainly one of the most common causes of rear end accidents and the worst thing about it is that it is so easy to avoid.

We are seeing more cars on the road than ever before and this is why it is so important that all road users make sure that they are driving in a way which keeps them and other vehicles safe.