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How TO Copyright A Name

How TO Copyright A Name

How TO Copyright A Name

Copyrighting a name is very important in order to protect your trademark.

Copyrighting does not mean protecting a name. There lie only few instances in which copyright has been applicable to the name. In case of a need to protect your name you should file on an application which gives you a special trademark for your name. This method is different from attaining patent or copyright. Copyrighting a name includes many directions and requirements as follows.

Requirements to copyright the name:

(1) Trademark registration application

(2) Illustration of logo or mark

(3) Registration number or serial number for a name or mark.

Directions to be followed to copyright any name:

Step 1: Have a thorough look at the US trademark website and patent and clearly understand the usage or necessity of the trademark versus copyright. Also understand the trademarking process. These things will make you to be clear at how to protect your property intellectually.

Step 2: Make sure that no other trademark name at the trademark database suits with your name. which leads to a big conflict later. This service which is offered at free of cost will make you realize that there is no other trademark name which is as same as yours.

Step 3: After reading the trademark details and verification of your trademark name with others you can fill in a application form for trademarking which appears online. This application was been designed by the electronic system for trademark application present within the US trademark and patent office’s website.

Step 4: An illustration which clearly explains how your logo and name will be seen after print out is also included. This detail also includes the determination of whether your registration is only for the name or it also includes some extra information like design or picture and so on.

Step 5: After registration a unique serial number will be assigned and given to you by the US trademark and patent office, which is very important to further interaction with them.

Step 6: Kindly wait for about five to six months since filling your application form online. Later than a response will be got from the US trademark and patent office. It may take even one year or several years also to get response from them after attaining a final confirmation from them.

Step 7: The final step in copyrighting your name is protecting the domain name of yours with the ICANN. where the ICANN is the agency which is been established especially for the purpose of trademark registration and protection.

There are also certain warnings and tips to be remembered while copyrighting your name:

– Protect your logo design and name through US trademark and patent office. this protection also save the intellectual property which is associated with your brand name.

– It is better to retain a lawyer with you who is schooled especially at the area of copyright matters and trademark domain, because it may be frustrating or confusing for you at registering your name to protect it, at that time a legal advice can be got from your lawyer.