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How to Make an Injury Claim For an Accident at Work?

How to Make an Injury Claim For an Accident at Work?

How to Make an Injury Claim For an Accident at Work?
Accidents at work are far more common than most people would think; in fact over a million people have some form of accident at work in the UK each year. For the most part, these are only minor incidents like an embarrassing trip or sustaining minor burns due to touching a hot object such as a kettle. However, some accidents are far more serious and can result in the injured party having to make a claim against their employer or a colleague. Essentially, if you are injured in an accident at work through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Some of the most common types of accidents that result in work related injuries include slipping on a wet floor, not being properly trained in the use of dangerous equipment and also tripping over loos cables or a raised floor tile.

There are a number of laws in the UK that employers must abide by to ensure that they provide a safe and secure working environment for all members of staff. The most important piece of legislation is the Health and Safety at Work Act, which outlines the health and safety tasks that an employer has to carry out, such as providing all staff with the necessary training to carry out their role safely. Therefore, if you are injured at work due to your employer’s failure to recognise a certain aspect of the Health and Safety at Work Act you could well have valid grounds to make a compensation claim.

The first thing you need to do if you have an accident at work is to seek medical advice at the earliest possible moment because your health is paramount in all of this. Once you have seen a medical professional and had your injuries assessed, you will need to consider gathering as much evidence as possible to prove that someone else was at fault for your injuries. This could include photographs of the accident scene, witness statements etc. Just make sure that everything supports your case.

After gathering this initial evidence for your accident at work, you will need to obtain the services of a personal injury solicitor who can manage your claim. It is important to note that all solicitors vary in terms of personality, experience and fees; therefore you need to ensure that you choose the right solicitor to take your case forward.

Once you have chosen a solicitor and are ready to progress with your claim, your solicitor will write a letter of claim to the other side and inform them that you are making a personal injury claim for compensation. They will then have three months in which to respond to this initial contact and either accept or reject fault for your personal injury claim. Should they accept liability, a series of negotiations will take place until an agreed upon compensation amount is established. Although, on the other hand, should they reject fault for the injuries, the claim will go to court and be settled by a judge. It’s never in anyone’s best interests to go to court as there are often hefty legal fees involved that greaten the financial risk for everyone involved.