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Information About Bail and How To Obtain It

Information About Bail and How To Obtain It

Run-ins with the police or other law enforcement agencies can be trying, even for the most mild-mannered person. In some cases, they can be downright harrowing. Some encounters may require spending time behind bars or coming up with bail money until a required court date comes up.

Bail: A Quick Summary

In the United States, it is generally not permitted to hold a person in jail prior to a court date. If a person is released from custody, however, they may feel inclined to flee the jurisdiction. Even if they don’t flee, they might not show up for the court hearing. Bail is an amount of money put up by the accused to guarantee that they will show up at the appointed court time.

Bail is generally steep enough that it acts as a flight deterrent. The actual amount of bail may vary depending upon many factors, including the actual judge who presides over the case, the severity of the alleged infraction, and the character of the accused.

Do You or a Loved One Need Bail?

Fairly often, the accused or their loved ones do not have sufficient funds on hand to put up the bail requirement. This scenario is where a bail bondsman comes into play.  The bondsman will lend the bail to the defendant, in essence, vouching for their integrity and that they will indeed meet their court appointment. There may be circumstances when you or a family member needs bail bonds Scranton PA.

The bail money is lent to the defendant by the bail bondsman. For this, the bondsman retains a small percentage, generally amount 10% of the total bail amount, as a way to make their living. After the trial is over, the rest of the bail money is returned to the defendant and then back to the bail bondsman.