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Insight Into Bail Bonds and How They Can Help You

Insight Into Bail Bonds and How They Can Help You

If you have ever watched a thriller or cop show, you have probably seen that late-night call from one friend to another asking for help getting bail. But have you ever stopped to think about what bail is, who offers bail, or how to get it? Although the same scenario plays out in movies and television shows almost nightly, bail doesn’t work the way Hollywood portrays it. Here are some facts you should know about how the bonds work and how they can help you.


Bail is considered a bond. A bond is a loan issued by a company to an individual for a reason. That is why you often hear bail referred to as a bail bond. The money is provided by a private entity like a Wayne County bail bonds company and is paid to the court, allowing the release of the accused from jail. The defendant pays the company in property or money to ensure release.


A judge will set the bail amount during the first court appearance after a person has been arrested. The money owed to the court is mandated by the state and not often the judge’s discretion alone. The bail schedule also differentiates the amount for misdemeanor and felony charges.


Bail is offered for defendants that have a stable background and don’t pose a flight or public risk. However, if the accused poses a danger to the public or specific individuals, the judge can deny bail and attach severe restrictions to release conditions. Then, if the defendant misses a court date or violates the imposed restrictions, the court will revoke bail.

As you can see, bail as portrayed by the movies, has little semblance to how you can actually obtain and use the bond. If you have more questions about how bail works, contact a bail bond company.