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It’s Complicated Now To Get Canadian Work Permit Visas Post Kenny’s Announcement

It’s Complicated Now To Get Canadian Work Permit Visas Post Kenny’s Announcement

It’s Complicated Now To Get Canadian Work Permit Visas Post Kenny’s Announcement

Jason Kenney, the Canadian minister of Immigration is now all set to gear up the Canada’s labor market by ensuring that all companies within the countries are following the provisional program of foreign work operating on the policy “On the basis of Canadian first”. The strict measures against the foreign work permit has been undertaken due to the fact revealed about a B.C coal mine that employed around 200 Chinese workers immigrated to Canada. The company has given the permit to all these foreign workers leading to a chaos among the Canadian labors for not appointing them in spite of the requisite qualification possessed by them.

The Canadian press agency QMI has divulged the statement of Kenney. The news agency reported that immigration minister is in no mood to allow his country men to be back- seated ion their own land. Kenney says why to give work permits and jobs to the foreign workers if Canada has a pool of talented and proficient workers. In the press conference Kenney stated “Canadian companies are not allowed to offer jobs to the immigrants unless and until a job vacancy advertisement has been shown to the Government proving that a qualified Canadian has been offered this job.”

How Difficult is to attain Work permit to Canada?

In the air of Kenny’s declaration it seems that work permit to Canada is a hard task now. The Canadian immigration ministry post employment of several foreign workers by the Alta based HD Mining International Ltd. Investigations are on for identifying the reason behind the company’s decision to hire such a huge number of foreign employees.

Attaining Canadian work permit is indeed difficult because immigration minister is in full swing to determine the irregularities in the immigration policies and the hitches in the schemes of the immigration of temporary foreign labors. Rules and regulations in this regard would be stricter now.

As per the recruitments in HD Mining International Ltd. is concerned, it is disclosed that Service Canada has approved the “labor market opinion” filed by the company stating that the prospective foreign labors are not negatively impacting the current Canadian labor market.

Kenney even asked the Federal NDP to withdraw the permits of all these Chinese mine workers and to look deep into the matter whether Canadian labors were offered the job positions prior to hiring the foreign workers.

In such an agitated atmosphere among the Canadian workers and the Ministry’s concern about them, it is evident that working in Canada for a foreign worker is going to be tough now.