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Many Employers Must Order a Pre Employment Screening, But Many Others Choose To Be Prepared!

Many Employers Must Order a Pre Employment Screening, But Many Others Choose To Be Prepared!

Many Employers Must Order a Pre Employment Screening, But Many Others Choose To Be Prepared!

Certain professions require pre employment screenings before the hiring process can be completed. Medical professionals, teachers, law enforcement officers, bank tellers and many other employment opportunities require a pre employment screening. Federal regulations are in place regarding some of these positions, and pre employment screening is not optional on the part of the prospective employee or the employer. The reasoning behind these mandatory screenings has to do with the access to privileged information and the potential abuse of power.

Medical professionals have access to information that has been deemed private by the federal government. Medical records are only accessible via a warrant or with patient permission. Because of that access, medical professionals must be beyond reproach. They also have access to people in a vulnerable state. A doctor or nurse could take advantage of patients, when they have little physical mobility. This is particularly true with the elderly, children and psychiatric patients.

Teachers are in a position of power with children. Because of this they are subject to the most stringent level of pre employment screening and must be fingerprinted before they can start working in a classroom. Fingerprinting is the most effective way to find out information about prior criminal records. Law enforcement officers face the same level of scrutiny because the level of public trust placed in them is tremendous. Courts value officer testimony above civilian testimony, making it essential that they be worthy of that trust.

Bank tellers have access to private financial information. The temptation to steal or embezzle is present on a daily basis. Those with financial crimes in their background are not suitable for employment at a financial institution. Poor credit history may also negatively effect potential employment at bank. Pre employment screening for those entering the financial industry usually includes a credit assessment. Those that have poor credit are more likely to be tempted by illicit financial gain.

These employers are required to perform pre employment screening, but it is becoming common place in many industries. While only information pertinent to a job is supposed to be considered, many hiring officials find it difficult to separate that information. A conviction for dumping large amounts of trash may show up as a felony, but it has nothing to do with a person’s ability to sell home improvement products. Unfortunately, many hiring managers only see the felony conviction, not the fact that it is for glorified littering. Consider ordering a pre employment screening for yourself before applying for any position, not just those forced to require a background check.