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North Los Angeles Show Helicopter Crash Kills 3

North Los Angeles Show Helicopter Crash Kills 3

North Los Angeles Show Helicopter Crash Kills 3

A Los Angeles helicopter crash killed three people in northern Los Angeles County, pre-dawn. People aboard the helicopter were filming for a new reality television show for the Discovery Channel.

Recorded footage showed the aftermath of the aircraft wreckage at a rugged canyon area near Soledad Canyon Road. News reports stated that the crash occurred at around 3:40 a.m.

Los Angeles County Fire dispatcher Robert Diaz told Fox News it happened at Posa Rosa Ranch, a popular filming location, at the city of Acton.

Aboard were only three passengers, all of which died. Names of the deceased have not been publicly released.

Discovery channel spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg told news reporters that the program which the helicopter was filming has not been announced by the company or been on air. It was filming on an untitled military-themed TV program permit.

“A production company was shooting a show for Discovery Channel when this tragic accident occurred,” the station said in a statement. “We are all cooperating fully with authorities. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families.”

Eyeworks USA, the show’s production company issued a public statement to the victim’s families. In the statement, the network best known for shooting their popular TV show “The Biggest Loser,” expressed their sympathies for the families of the deceased and stated that they are cooperating with authorities.

The reality TV show was approved to use their helicopter. Philip Sokoloski, a spokesman for FilmLA stated that the aircraft was shooting at the ranch from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning. They also had approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. FilmLA is a company that process filming permits for the Los Angeles region.

“We wouldn’t have referenced helicopter activity if we didn’t already have pre-approval from the FAA,” Sokoloski said.

FAA authorities are looking into the accident. At this time, neither the cause nor the circumstances of the aircraft accident are known, FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer said.

John Landis and four others were charged for the accident but later acquitted. Initially they were allegedly charged with involuntary manslaughter.

While air related accidents don’t happen as often as ground related accidents, such as car collisions or pedestrian injuries, they all can happen at unwarned times and the results could be tragic. Seek a helicopter crash lawyer if you have been injured in and aircraft collision. In 1982 another helicopter crash, only twenty-five miles from the location of the accident, killed Vic Morrow and two children while filming “Twilight Zone.”