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Protect Your Rights in Case of a Federal Drug Charge

Protect Your Rights in Case of a Federal Drug Charge

Protect Your Rights in Case of a Federal Drug Charge

Federal drug charges against individuals often begin with a law enforcement officer asking questions about drug crimes or asking the permission to search the property of the suspected person and end with consistent fines or prison time. In order to increase their chances of avoiding conviction, all suspected individuals should be well aware of their rights, remain calm and ask the permission to exercise those rights.

Types of federal drug charges

Federal law discusses many types of drug related crimes, but the most often committed ones are possession, distribution, sale, trafficking, grooving and manufacturing illegal substances. The most common types of drugs involved in these crimes are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, LSD and methamphetamine.

A possession charge is usually filed when a person had in his property a certain amount of drug, considered enough only for personal use. Distribution or sale is suspected when a law officer considers the amount of drug more than one person could consume. Trafficking charges are more complex, involving the transport of drugs across state or international borders. A drug manufacturing charge can be filed when a person was illegally growing plants in order to extract a substance or owned chemicals or equipment used in manufacturing drugs.

Protect your rights

Even if the idea of facing a federal drug charge can be overwhelming for individuals they should still be aware of their rights and act according to them. They should remember than they do not have to answer questions or give explanations to law enforcement officers. They have the right to remain silent, because every answer could be used against them. They also have the right to deny permission for the officers to search their property if they do not have a warrant.

Suspected individuals should always invoke their right to speak with an attorney before saying or doing anything. Federal drug crimes defense attorneys can help defendants before a trial, during negotiations or in the court room. They can hire their own investigators and forensic specialists to challenge the prosecution’s case or they might discover procedure errors which lead to the dismissal of the case. So if you find yourself in a similar situation remember that you do not have to face the federal government on your own. There are specialist who can help.