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Protecting Your Invention From Illegal Claims Provisional Patent

Protecting Your Invention From Illegal Claims Provisional Patent

Protecting Your Invention From Illegal Claims Provisional Patent

Each one of us wants our rights and interests to be respected and protected against illegal claims. It is the task of the government to see to it that our individual rights and interests are not violated. However, it is our responsibility to convey to the government the fact that a particular idea, product, or innovation is our invention and hence needs to be protected.

In the past, significant inventions and ideas have been stolen from their rightful owners due to the absence of any such right or provision that could protect or solidify the rights of the bearer. It was in the wake of such crimes of infringements that the provisional patent was introduced. United States of America was one of the first nations to bring such a patent into existence.

How to you define a patent? A patent in simple words refers to a legal bond which is designed to protect the rights of inventors against fake claims over their ideas or inventions. In other words it implies, “All rights reserved” for the owner. A patent is a significant component of the economic growth of a nation as well. A provisional patent refers to a provisional i.e. temporary set of exclusive rights given (for a period of one year) to a sole owner, over a particular idea, design, drawing or concept. This time period is meant to be utilized by the owner for developing the idea, concept, or design further, make an investment in it and apply for a non- provisional patent.

There are other kinds of patent rights that are being guaranteed by national governments. One such kin of patent right is design patent. The visual appearance is a crucial component of any drawing, design or product. It plays a significant factor in influencing a buyer’s consumption or purchase decision. Therefore, the visual appearance or the design is a significant component from a commercial point of view and hence needs to be protected. A design patent grants rights to an inventor over the appearance of his invention. It is only concerned with protecting the aesthetic part of the invention and does not go beyond that. Design patent guarantees the inventor of a product the rights over the appearance of his invention for a period of fourteen years.

Securing provisional patent right and design patent rights needs the filing out of applications. Since all this involves complicated legal procedure, a patent rights lawyer is the best person to guide you and direct you and enable you to secure all rights over your unique inventions.