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Registration of a Patent by a Patent Attorney

Registration of a Patent by a Patent Attorney

Registration of a Patent by a Patent Attorney

A set of limited rights given to that person who is the inventor or owner of the project or material is called a patent. These rights are given by the sovereign states. The attorney who provides their clients all the required procedures for obtaining is called a patent attorney. The same attorney must have all the necessary qualifications to be eligible for provided rights of any person. But the procedures of granting the vary widely between the countries according to their respective laws and other international settlements.

Patent procedures in India

A person playing the role of a person who deals with the practice of patent registration for any owner or inventor before the authority of the Indian Patent Office is named as a agent. Basically, there is no position allotted for an agent in the same law. This post can be called similar to that of a patent attorney in Australia or Japan. The person applying for the post of a agent must clear a qualifying exam each year conducted by the IPR Office.

Necessary criteria required to be a patent attorney

To be a patent agent or an attorney, the person must qualify certain criteria. He must pass in the qualifying exam conducted by the Indian IPR Office. The person must have a technical degree or a science background to be eligible for the exam. Most importantly, the person must be 21 years old and should be an Indian Citizen. Last estimation of the total registered IPR in India was 2000 approximately. But recent news said that the Madras High Court suggested that one more criteria should to be added. The attorneys in India must have a law degree with them. The single judgement also said that the requirement of a science background or a technical background was actually of no use. He rejected that eligibility criteria.

Various types of a patent attorney

Patent have various types like design, utility, plant, reissue, statutory invention registration and many more. The agents and their work vary according to the place to be concerned of in the IPR. They

Brief revision of patent attorney in India

When a certain product or invention comes into the market, they get subjected to market risks. In order to prevent those properties or belongings, a major business idea is the involvement. A patent attorney, who is the agent for registering for the IPR, advises its clients and arrange all the necessities so that the main owner can enjoy numerous rights on his own product which no other person can enjoy. The main reason for having a patent is to prevent the property against maltreat, cheat and even of a fake product. IPR must be carefully handled or else they can be very vulnerable.