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Save The Penalties With an Employment Eligibility Attorney

Save The Penalties With an Employment Eligibility Attorney

Save The Penalties With an Employment Eligibility Attorney

Are you aware of the fact that the The Immigration Reform and Control Act now comes with a changed I-9 Compliance? Well, if you have been in dark concerning the act and the reforms made, it is time that you consult an Employment Eligibility Attorney for a better understanding of the act. It must be cleared on this note that the form 1-9 is not new to the employment sector in U.S.A , only the enforcement of the rules have been made stricter by the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). Therefore, to deal with the situation better, you should always seek for I-9 Compliance Help.

Why there is a Need of Employment Eligibility Attorney?

The Immigration Reform and Control Act specify that all employers based in U.S.A must authenticate the identity and eligibility of their employers through the employment eligibility verification Form I-9. It is essential on the part of the employer to keep all the duly filled-up forms for three years since the hiring date or for one year since the termination, whichever comes later. An Employment Eligibility Attorney comes to the right help of the employers in facing any legal issue that might come up with the I-9 form.

Why there is a Need of I-9 Compliance Help?

The Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and/or the Office of Special Counsel for Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practice of the Department of Justice might ask for all the I-9 forms from any given employer based in U.S.A. The employer must also see that the forms are error free and marks complete authentication of an employee of the organization. To avoid the hassles, it is always wiser to consult an I-9 Compliance Help for smooth running of the verification process.

Who are all Subject to the Authentication Process?

Before, you go on to hire or consult an Employment Eligibility Attorney, it is essential on your part to know about who comes under verification and needs I-9 Compliance Help. Here is a look at the criteria

What are the Changes made in the I-9 Form?

The I-9 form has gone under some modification and it is strictly required to follow the codes of conduct in verifying the authenticity of the employee. An Employment Eligibility Attorney can help you through detail understanding of the subject. Here is a quick look at the changes made

It is also to be noted in the context that that wrong information on the I-9 form can lead to penalties that includes

To avoid such penalties, it is wiser to follow the path of I-9 Compliance Help ensuring smoothAlways consult and hire somebody who possesses great understanding of law of that particular region, as for moving to Chicago hiring a Chicago Immigration Lawyer should always be considered. running of verification and preservation of the forms.