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Some Things You Need to Know About DUI and DWI Accidents Call Your Attorney Now

Some Things You Need to Know About DUI and DWI Accidents Call Your Attorney Now

Some Things You Need to Know About DUI and DWI Accidents Call Your Attorney Now

A normal car accident is bad enough; it is even worse when the other driver is at fault and has been drinking. This also brings certain considerations to the case, as when there is a wreck involving a drunk driver the chances of the wreck being more serious go up.

With any accident which is someone else’s fault, but especially when the other driver was under the influence, you need a lawyer as quickly as possible. Cases involving serious injury or death will require your full attention to be paid to getting your loved ones and yourself through these trying times. Car accidents are horrible and they strike quickly, leaving a family disoriented for months – especially when there are serious health issues.

Choose a qualified attorney, and let him do his job – your job is to take care of your family and recovery; your lawyer’s job is to look after your short term and long term interests. A good attorney will know how to deal with the insurance companies to get the best resolution to your case, and will know what needs to be done to take care of your interests. There are many things that simply never occur to most people but which can end up costing big through the ensuing years. This is compounded when there are serious chronic or permanent injuries, and death through a drunk driving accident is even worse, especially if there are children involved.

There are some things where money simply will not solve all the problems, but it can keep other problems from rising up, such as college tuition for your children should you be permanently disabled or your spouse pass away. These questions should not be something you need or have to think about while the tragedy is still unfolding, but someone should be thinking about them. That is why it is so important to secure qualified counsel sooner rather than later.

If the insurance company recommends that things will go smoother if you do not get a lawyer, you should realize that it is in their best interests, not yours that you remain without a good attorney who specializes in drunk driving cases. If you have an attorney representing you that will help to counterbalance the lawyers that will be working for the insurance company – without your own representation you will be operating at a large deficit.

Keep in mind, though, most personal injury lawyers do not charge anything, and if they do not win they do not get paid. They work on what is called a contingency fee, and the percentage is usually set by the state. One thing is common to all lawyers who work like this, though, and that is that the settlement is generally more generous even after paying the attorney’s fees than you would otherwise get, and as a general rule it is not a small amount. Having good representation can be essential in getting the resources you will need to get through the times of injury and loss.

Interview lawyers, and retain the best you can find – and then leave the legal stuff for them to sort out, and concentrate on what is important – your family and your recovery.

If you have been in car accident that is someone else’s fault, you will need to hire a Dallas personal injury lawyer; if the person who hit you was drinking then you may need a Dallas drunk driving attorney from Sommerman & Quesada.