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Beware of Identity Theft

Beware of Identity Theft

There are few issues more serious and prevalent than identity theft. These days, identity theft has become more widespread due to a downtrodden economic time. Major computer advances and the boom of the internet have made identity theft easier than ever, with myriads of sites set up as scams to take an unknowing victim for hundreds or even thousand of dollars. Losing one’s identity can be a devastating occurrence and it can take years to fully recover from identity theft.

Identity thieves are always trying to stay a step ahead of theft protection devices and software, but it is an ongoing battle. When the protection defenses improve, then the thieves and hackers find new ways around; as the thieves and hackers improve, security defenses are improved and tightened. Online safety is crucial to keeping an identity protected.

There are steps and precautions that everyday consumers can take to help prevent their own identities from theft. Nearly every task can be completed online nowadays; from paying bills to checking bank statements to ordering groceries, we now have the convenience of being able to complete a day’s worth of errands without ever leaving the house. The problem, though, …