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Distinctions Between Civil And Criminal Lawyer Vancouver

Distinctions Between Civil And Criminal Lawyer Vancouver

A lawyer for the civil or criminal cases is a legal representative specialized in the field of law or cases that involve the acts related to civil or criminal laws. The fact is the person is not guilty until proven and the civil or criminal lawyers work on the basis of this rule. The lawyers have specific duties to fulfil.

Many more facts about civil and criminal lawyer Vancouver are there which one will come to know by going through this article.

Type of crime

The criminal lawyers are known to handle cases like robbery, assault crimes, murder, etc. Drugs production and shoplifting are two major charges which they look after. Contrary to this, the civil lawyers are specialised in the cases like divorces, disputes between property owners and tenants, disagreements on the basis of contracts, real property issues, intellectual property disputes and much more.

Where the government is known to file lawsuit in criminal law, private party like any person or corporation do the same in civil law.

Notion of punishment

One of the major differences between both the cases can be felt in terms of punishment. Criminal defence lawyers handle different …

Civil Litigation Attorney Your Helping Hand

Civil Litigation Attorney Your Helping Hand

Litigation attorneys, also known as “litigators” or “trial lawyers” are the attorneys that defend individual or companies on civil cases. A litigation attorney manages all the phases of the litigation process including the investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal.

The responsibilities of a litishpriscigation attorney vary depending on whether the litigation attorney is representing the plaintiff or the defendant.

Preliminary steps taken by a civil litigation lawyer:

First of all, the litigation lawyer should examine very carefully all the evidences of the case. This is one of the most important aspects of the case.

The following steps are part of the process:

Locating witnesses.Taking witness statements.Gathering documents.Interviewing the client and investigating the facts leading to the dispute.

A Civil Litigation Attorney always tries to solve the case by a pre- litigation settlement before taking a case to the court.

In order to defend their clients, civil litigation attorneys may submit a variety of pleadings and motions. In response to the pleading submission, the attorneys investigate the allegations of the lawsuit so that they can form the response properly.


The next step is the discovery process where the parties exchange …

Are Civil Bench Warrants Worth Getting?

Are Civil Bench Warrants Worth Getting?

I am not an attorney, I am a judgment referral expert (Judgment Broker). This article is my opinion, based on my experience in California, and laws vary in every state. Nothing in any of my articles can ever be considered legal advice. Whenever you require legal advice or a strategy to use, you should contact a lawyer.

One of the age-old tools in judgment enforcement are debtor (and 3rd parties that know or possess about the debtor’s assets) exams at the court. A related tool is document production requests. What happens when a properly-served debtor fails to show up at the court hearing?

If you request and pay the court, they will request or issue a bench warrant (actually named a Warrant Of Body Attachment). You must pay the court or sheriff, to get a warrant issued and made active.

What happens afterward depends on what state and county your judgment debtor resides at. In some places in the US, the judgment debtor gets picked up and becomes a mandatory guest at a sheriff or court office, sometimes overnight guests, and informed they better show up at the next hearing, and if they do …

When Civil Partnerships Breakdown, Is Civil Partnership Dissolution The Answer?

When Civil Partnerships Breakdown, Is Civil Partnership Dissolution The Answer?

2004 brought the introduction of new legislation which permitted the legal union of same sex couples in a civil partnership. This was welcomed by many.

Some same sex couples liked the idea of being legally called “civil partners”, and the commitment associated with it. However, no partnership is without its occasional problems, and if the problem becomes serious enough, a civil partnership can break down. This can be a daunting, stressful and uncertain time. Unless one of the partners dies, a formal legal process is usually necessary to end a civil partnership – this is known as civil partnership divorce (or civil partnership dissolution to give it its correct and formal name).

There are a number of factors to take into account when a civil partnership looks like breaking down.. Firstly, there may be people affected by the ending of the partnership who will need to be informed. For example, if the partners are living in rented accommodation, the landlord of the property will usually need to be informed. Other parties such as doctors and dentists may need to be informed. Secondly, there may be issues involving children that need …