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How To Register A Company In Cyprus

How To Register A Company In Cyprus

Cyprus was formerly the internationally acclaimed hub of wine production. Today, it serves another business, the business of international banking and corporate formations. A Cyprus company registration can be done in a relatively short time depending upon the required services of the corporate shareholders and CEO.

You can prompt to have it done almost completely over the internet. There are multiple sites advertising the ease of their Cyprus company registration process. Most of these services require a bit of paperwork but can set up a quick corporation within a week for a nominal fee. This is particularly beneficial for people who need to quickly set up a Cyprus corporation for international business transactions in a hurry.

These businesses have shelf companies. Already incorporated into the registry of businesses in Cyprus, these can be bought and immediately begin doing business. It is a unique aspect of many tax havens providing these services to facilitate the international trading markets. Cyprus opens the markets predominately between Russia and acts as the hub of trade for the European Union due to its rather lax taxes. The only major tax Cyprus takes out is the VAT at 18.5% …