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Secure Your Confidential Information With Hipaa Compliant Email

Secure Your Confidential Information With Hipaa Compliant Email

HIPAA does not prohibit the transfer of data on patient health or PHI via email. However, the HIPAA security rules also set forth a number of recommendations for ensuring that electronic PHI or electronic patient health information, as well as meet the standards established for maintaining the integrity of PHI. Between many of the recommendations in this niche, Email Encryption is an important issue.

Over the next few years, billions of patient records will be assimilated into the electronic health record (EHR) systems. During this process, the federal government raises the standards of privacy protected information Healthcare (PHI) and the penalties for violation of the U.S. insurance and medical data (HIPAA). Technology of health information for economic and Clinical Health (HiTech) Act 2009 provided more than $ 19 billion in financing to help physicians and hospitals to cover the transition. $ 17 billion will be available to hospitals and doctors who use the system and accept Medicare and Medicaid patients.

However, implementation of a nationwide system of personal and confidential information from a paper system, which uses a straight line faxes to an electronic system that uses a non-secure e-mail address associated …