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Asian Immigrants Steal Job or Provide Cheap Labour in Canada

Asian Immigrants Steal Job or Provide Cheap Labour in Canada

In the last three years the number of immigrant workers has doubled in British Columbia. 60 temporary foreign workers are supported in the Canada Line Construction (RAV). They are paid $5 per hour or even lesser against which they have to work for about 54-56 hours per week. They do not get any overtime for the extra work they do.

Canada has always been a spot of immigrant population as the Immigration rules are quite easy and soft on the incumbents. Employers find the Asian Immigrants reasonable in terms of money and working hours. They find them to be least demanding too.

China tops the list of immigrants in India followed by India and Pakistan.

Bilfinger Berger is planning to hire about 350 immigrant workers but they are opposed by Ironworkers and also the B.C. Federation of Labor. The federation believes that there are “Canadian workers for the job available”.

B.C.Government and Services Employees Union is fighting for the 70 Canadian employees who were replaced with foreign workers at Windsor Manor in Kelowna.

A study reveals that an immigrant labour working at a coal mine gets $1 per day whereas …

Manchanda Law Offices PLLC Realizing The American Dream of Immigrants

Manchanda Law Offices PLLC Realizing The American Dream of Immigrants

Millions around the world nurture the aspiration of living in America, which is both exciting and overwhelming. However, the stringent immigration laws can make it a tedious and complicated process. Manchanda Law Offices, PLLC is one such firm that has earned a name for itself in the field of immigration services in the city of New York.

With over 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants entering the United States every year, immigration laws vary from each other, with every case requiring its own set of applications, petitions and procedures, to be filed under United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Therefore, a competent immigration firm can be crucial in passing the stringent immigration procedures.

Take a look at the lawful services provided by the immigration experts at Manchanda-LawOffices, PLLC –

Various employment based visas such as H-1B professionals, L-1 Transferees, O-1 artists, E-Treaty investors and J-1 exchange visitors are handled by the expert attorneys of this firm.

Medical professionals, managers, transferees and international business executives also require their immigration services, which allow them easy entry to United States.

The lawyers at Manchanda Law also provide services related to fiance petitions, …