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Intellecture Announces Its 50th Seminar

Intellecture Announces Its 50th Seminar

Intellecture, what started as a determination to provide knowledge and necessary guidance on various aspects of IP has transformed into a venerable institution with burgeoning growth. Catering to the IP needs and providing IP training to over 10000 professionals from various fields, Intellecture the training division of Brain League has carved a niche for itself in Intellectual Property (IP) training. An initiative of Brain League that was started in response to the low IP awareness levels in the market has now reached to an unprecedented height of excellence in the field.

Evolution of the knowledge based economy has necessitated development of intellectual assets to gain competitive advantage in the market place. While generating creative and innovative ideas that are capable of being converted into property or assets is very important, excavating and realizing the value of such ideas for commercial benefit is vital to maximize business advantage and profits. Awareness about the property value of an idea, knowledge about the steps to be taken for protecting the idea and sensitivity to modes of commercializing it are necessary among all levels of employees to enable a company to realize the value of creative and innovative ideas …