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Partnership Dispute Resolution Options

Partnership Dispute Resolution Options

If you are engaged in a partnership dispute which is damaging your business you have traditional and alternative dispute resolution techniques available to you. If you cannot solve the matter between yourselves in the boardroom you are going to have to get a third party in to help you out.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques are now commonly used by businesses to prevent the matter entering in to the public eye. If you choose an alternative resolution technique you will be able to keep the matter entirely confidential, hence it being the most popular option in the modern business world. When you business relies heavily on the media for advertising and marketing purposes, you do not wish to taint you reputation with bad press. Bad press never goes away and unfortunately one derogatory article can be worth a thousand good articles in the eyes of a potential client. The alternative dispute resolution options you have are:

Mediation is the least invasive of all the techniques on the market it simply requires you to discuss the matter at hand with a mediator present. The mediator will be a non-biased third party. They are not present …

When Civil Partnerships Breakdown, Is Civil Partnership Dissolution The Answer?

When Civil Partnerships Breakdown, Is Civil Partnership Dissolution The Answer?

2004 brought the introduction of new legislation which permitted the legal union of same sex couples in a civil partnership. This was welcomed by many.

Some same sex couples liked the idea of being legally called “civil partners”, and the commitment associated with it. However, no partnership is without its occasional problems, and if the problem becomes serious enough, a civil partnership can break down. This can be a daunting, stressful and uncertain time. Unless one of the partners dies, a formal legal process is usually necessary to end a civil partnership – this is known as civil partnership divorce (or civil partnership dissolution to give it its correct and formal name).

There are a number of factors to take into account when a civil partnership looks like breaking down.. Firstly, there may be people affected by the ending of the partnership who will need to be informed. For example, if the partners are living in rented accommodation, the landlord of the property will usually need to be informed. Other parties such as doctors and dentists may need to be informed. Secondly, there may be issues involving children that need …