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Simple Measures to Reduce Risk of Identity Theft

Simple Measures to Reduce Risk of Identity Theft

Mrs. Bradshaw was a happy woman with decent card bills that had figures in moderation, and which she used to pay dot at the right time, with no defaulting¬† till the time she began receiving bills with three to four times the amount every month, which caused her to contact the credit card company and demanded to review the statements. Someone had been ordering expensive things from the online shopping sites in her name. while later it was discovered that it was Mrs. Bradshaw’s daughter who had been bestowing such ugly surprises on her, the fact is, this is the simplest example of identity theft.

Person A using the identity of person B to get his / her work done (however unjustified) is a classic example of identity theft. Simple people living very normal lives have no time to give these extra troubles a thought. They may already be too bugged about children, job, home chores, affairs etc to be worried about geniuses trying to get into the bare minimum funds that they may have saved to carry them through holocaust. But, as times are changing and every bit of information can …