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Equal Rights for Fathers Regarding Child Visitation

Equal Rights for Fathers Regarding Child Visitation

What are child support arrears? Also referred to as child support arrearages, these are the past due amounts of support that accumulate if a Father cannot pay his support in a timely manner. In some cases, Fathers are prosecuted for contempt of court and the result is punishable by what is called remedial contempt. However, the most important and explosive issue in most cases is based upon child visitation, custody and support.

Let us examine each of these decisions carefully.

Child visitation

Although both parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children; in the US, Mothers are given primary care and custody with Fathers being made 2nd class parents; becoming mere wallets with legs. The Child visitation that Fathers are given in the prejudicial family court system doesn’t allow them to become an active parent. Most Fathers are reduced to mere visitors. Children can, at times, believe that their Fathers don’t care anymore when, in fact, it is the court system that severely reduces their time. In an ideal situation child visitation should be discussed between the parents in detail prior to going to court; explaining the situation to the children in …

Solicitors in Ireland Offer Helpful Guidance Regarding Personal Injury Claims Processes

Solicitors in Ireland Offer Helpful Guidance Regarding Personal Injury Claims Processes

When a person suffers personal injury, there are basically two ways to seek compensation in Ireland. The Personal Injuries Assessment Board is considered a preferred option than taking the litigation route via courts.

By availing of services of solicitors in Ireland, you can ensure a professional representation of your case. There are reputed and established law firms in Ireland who hire seasoned solicitors only. They start by listening carefully to your case. Before proceeding they further take care to gather all the basic facts and figures which are needed to offer best advice to the client. They have expertise in a range of activities like

They assist in conducting assessment for free and then offering advices accordingly. This is the basic step which is carried out for a thorough evaluation of every aspect of the case, based on info offered by the client. After this, the solicitor comes to the conclusion whether the client should proceed further and what is the reasonable compensation amount he can claim.

They help in making application with Injuries Board at Ireland (formerly known as PIAB). The application should be made without much of …