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4 Key Components of Normal And Routine Psychological Assessment Process

4 Key Components of Normal And Routine Psychological Assessment Process

The term psychological assessment can be defined as the evaluation of an individual by a qualified and skilled psychologist to determine the required mental health services. A number of people are specifically referred for the specialized tests and mental health screening processes. At the same time, many people have to undergo the screening for employment, education and legal purposes. Most of the experienced psychiatrists determine the mode and process of evaluation by observing the behaviours and tendencies of the individuals. Normally, the purpose and method of mental assessment vary from one individual to another. But most of the psychologists concentrate on some key components, irrespective of the format of the psychological assessment.

Interview: Most of the psychologists prefer observing their clients during a personal interview. They simply talk to the individuals to collect information related to the background and current state of mind. When the interviewee is answering the questions, the professional pays close attention to his verbal as well as non-verbal clues. The response of the interviewee is also evaluated based on his tone and voice inflections. Normally, the psychologist asks questions pertaining to specific questions, situations and statements. …