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Statistics of Identity Theft Numbers Tell It All

Statistics of Identity Theft Numbers Tell It All

Identity theft has risen from 4.2 million to 6-7 million cases throughout the last 5 years in which ecommerce has grown over the Internet. Potential victims are unaware of the thieves’ intentions until they receive their credit reports and make their claims. Statistics of identity theft are approaching alarming numbers as thieves use more complex scams to handle others’ information. It may include creating phony web pages and replaying server directors to send potential victims to their sites to enter their information. How can this be occurring so easily in the new, advanced society? Apparently the internet opened the door most identity thieves have been waiting for years.


The first cases of identity theft popped up once the internet created a sweeping presence in the business markets. Identity thieves created ways to pop up in IPO servers to gather some information from listing companies. These identity thieves create phony business accounts under previous victims to gather intelligence on future victims. With the phony business accounts available, the listing companies gave away the information to numerous identity thieves which increased the identity theft statistics around the globe. The numbers continue to climb …