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Criminal Justice Takes a Special Turn For Troubled Veterans

Criminal Justice Takes a Special Turn For Troubled Veterans

May 30 was Memorial Day, when Americans remember those who died serving in the Armed Forces. And recently a special court has been formed which tries to keep troubled veterans out of prison. Military graves were decorated on the day with flags. Soldiers and sailors marched in parades honouring fallen. Unfortunately, living veterans are having a tough time. Unemployment among veterans who served since 2001 is hired to non-veterans. Veterans make up 20% of all suicides. Nearly a fifth of the homeless population in the United States of entrance. Substance abuse is pervasive. Many more have mental health problems, which often lead to criminal behaviour. Robert Russell, a judge in Buffalo, New York, after noticing an increasing number of veterans on his pocket, in 2008 credit the first court specialised and adapted to meet the needs of veterans.

Every Tuesday, Mr Russell presides over veterans treatment court, a hybrid of drug and mental health courts. It aims to divert people from the traditional criminal system. It provides veterans suffering from substance abuse, alcoholism and mental health issues, with treatment, support, training and housing. Each veteran is assigned a mental and also …