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How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

You may be aware that identity theft is one of the most rapidly growing crimes in America. Particularly in tough economic situations, identity thieves run rampant. Free annual credit reports can mostly be trusted, but these are only available once per year. The negative changes that can occur on your credit report in one year if you become a victim of identity theft could be devastating because identity theft and credit reports are intertwined. If you are interested in identity and theft protection, it is time you looked into a credit monitoring service.

If you think that investing in a credit monitoring service is a waste of money, consider how much they do for you in regards to your identity and theft protection measures. If your identity is stolen, the fact that these monitoring services examine your credit at least monthly could save you huge amounts of money. This common crime literally happens on a daily basis. You may have a home security system to prevent people from breaking in and hurting you or your family or stealing your possessions. This is a tangible thing you are doing to protect your assets, but …

Enlighten Yourself About The Benefits Before You Apply For US Citizenship!

Enlighten Yourself About The Benefits Before You Apply For US Citizenship! A foreign national or citizen is granted the US citizenship by the naturalization process once they file the Form N-400 and fulfill the requirements. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the agency in charge and they process the application in order of its receipt.

Why to apply for US citizenship?

Duties as a US citizen includes:

Rights as a US citizen are listed below:

Other Benefits:

1) Consular benefits: During travel abroad the US citizen who is detained or arrested for any reason can take help from the US embassy or consulate.

2) Social service access: The option of social security and Medicare can be availed only by the US citizens.

3) Sponsor relatives abroad: Many visa requisitions require the applicants to be close relatives of US citizens, visas such as IR and F for family members.

4) Deportation protection: Deportation proceedings are not possible against naturalized US citizens since they are not considered aliens anymore.

5) Honors Eligibility: The USCIS created the Outstanding American by Choice Award to honor only the naturalized US citizens.

6) In the United States civic participation is not required. It is …

Save Yourself Against Copyright Infringement

Save Yourself Against Copyright Infringement

In the modern times, copyright infringement is one of the most commonly heard legal aspects that many companies have to be careful about. Being a part of the knowledge driven society, there is a large amount of content that is being developed. The content can be for a website or a legal document or a marketing material or even a video or commercial advertisement. In all these cases, you have to spend a large amount of time and effort to develop content which is appealing and can generate results. The cost of such content can range from the cost of hiring an agency, the production cost, the cost of the media and much else. Sometimes, running an advertisement campaign might almost be equal to or more than the cost of buying a home.

It is, hence, extremely imperative that you maintain the right over your content. After all the efforts and money that you have spent over it, you wouldn’t want someone to copy it and use it. It is like feeding your competition with content without requiring them to make any efforts for the same.

It is because of this particular reason that various …