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Save Yourself Against Copyright Infringement

Save Yourself Against Copyright Infringement

Save Yourself Against Copyright Infringement

In the modern times, copyright infringement is one of the most commonly heard legal aspects that many companies have to be careful about. Being a part of the knowledge driven society, there is a large amount of content that is being developed. The content can be for a website or a legal document or a marketing material or even a video or commercial advertisement. In all these cases, you have to spend a large amount of time and effort to develop content which is appealing and can generate results. The cost of such content can range from the cost of hiring an agency, the production cost, the cost of the media and much else. Sometimes, running an advertisement campaign might almost be equal to or more than the cost of buying a home.

It is, hence, extremely imperative that you maintain the right over your content. After all the efforts and money that you have spent over it, you wouldn’t want someone to copy it and use it. It is like feeding your competition with content without requiring them to make any efforts for the same.

It is because of this particular reason that various laws have been erected for copyright infringement. However, when you are claiming for the same; you have to prove three most important things:

The first thing that you have to prove is that you own the copyright for the same. If you are in touch with a qualified lawyer, s / he would definitely be able to guide you on ways in which this can be proven. It is your responsibility too, though, to maintain ways in which you can claim copyright to your content during such second thing to be proved is the copying of the content. You have to prove that a small or large part of your content has been third and the most contentious thing to be proven is the amount of copying. Most people tend to lose out here. It is very difficult to claim on how much can be considered as substantial copying and how much can be not.

What will be more suitable for you while filing the case for copyright infringement is to look at the past cases and try to find some case which relates to yours. You will be required to sit with your lawyer and find out those cases where applications like yours have been received with positive judgements and use them as the stepping stone of your decision on whether or not an application should be filed for the infringement of your copyright. If the amount of claim is too low, it will be a wasteful expenditure to make a claim for the same.