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Tips For Filling Patents

Tips For Filling Patents

Tips For Filling Patents

Obtaining a patent  you’ve put it off, but now you must act. You’re a new inventor. You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money nurturing, testing and developing our innovative idea. You’ve done your due diligence and done patent searches.

The first requirement pertains to whether or not your invention is able to be protected by a patent. The original law says that anything made by man can be patented; however, there are things that the Supreme Court has deemed unable to be patented.

To begin, those looking to obtain patent deputy jobs must have a bachelor’s degree. The degree must be in a field that is approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. These fields include physics, biology, computer science, computer engineering, and more.

Can you write a provisional patent application and successfully submit it yourself? Certainly! You’ll need a drawing and a written description of your invention. Then you’ll need to complete the proper forms with the proper information on the proper lines.

The Design Patent Application is used as an original and new ornamental design. The Plant Patent Application is applied for when a new species of plant is bioengineered. The person that may file for the patent is the owner and inventor of what is to be patented.

What is considered the most valuable patent is the one issued to Alexander Graham Bell for his invention of the telephone. The patent was number 174,465 issued in 1876. Ironically, early attempts to make the telephone popular were unsuccessful.

According to the Patent Law, patents are granted for a period of approximately twenty years, depending on the patent. This would mean that the inventor of the product then possesses ownership of that trademark for a twenty-year period.

Applying for a patent is easy. All it takes is a small fee of about 100 dollars and the submission of an easy to fill out form. Once submitted the examiner will review your application and then send it back to you.

Not every line on every form must be completed – and that assumes you’ve properly determined which forms are actually required… Even though this seems like a major hassle and one last ‘hoop’ to jump through, you must obtain either a provisional patent.

The one drawback to doing it yourself: online research time spent at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Many have complained of spending upwards of 12 hours – over several days – trying to decipher instructions and come up with the right forms.

To avoid going through this problem and being scammed out of a lot of money, you should consider hiring a reputable patent attorney. They can help you to find out if your idea already exists and has a patent.

By patenting your products, getting the copyright on the necessary documents and registering your trademark, you will make it illegal for any other company to sell your product or use the trademark without asking your permission to do so first.