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Utility Patent Know How to File it

Utility Patent Know How to File it

Utility Patent Know How to File it

When it is the discussion about patenting ideas or methods or processes, then we need to understand thoroughly about different types of patents. We should know that anything has any use or function can be patented. Also, patent protection can cover different types of business methods, computer programs, new processes and methods, new chemicals and compounds etc.

When it is the matter of patenting any idea, then we can see the usage of utility patent. This kind of patent is also known as the “regular” patent. This kind of idea can be explained in words, or sometimes by drawings. Not necessarily, this kind of drawing has to be any blueprint. Instead of that, this kind of drawing can be simple. And, this type of drawing does not contain any type of conventional feature. This kind of drawing is not necessarily a working model.

In case of utility patent , it helps to protect the actual structure and function of any kind of product. But, this type of patent does not protect anything related to its appearance, design or feel.

So, we can see that the utility application plays an important role when anything is going to get patented. In that case, we should mention that the procedure of filing and obtaining this kind of patent is very difficult.

When we are filing for utility application , then few things should be kept in mind:

??? Fees for the application??? Specifications and drawings of the inventions??? Data sheet, fee form and transmittal form??? Patent lawyer (optional)At first, we need to give the detailed description about the invention, which includes complete drawing of the invention. After considering the complexity of the invention, the further procedure of the patent takes place.

Then we need to follow each and every guidelines of the patent application, fixed by the Government. In this regards, we also have to follow the stipulation of type, condition, color and size of the paper used for the application.

We will find one transmittal form for this kind of patent application. This particular form gives all the details about those documents, which are included in the filing package.

We should take a notarized oath stating that we are the original inventor of the invention for which we are submitting this application.

Then we need to submit one application data sheet along with the filing for this kind of patent. All these details should include all the biographical data, as per the US patent office. This kind of application data sheet can be downloaded from the US Patent Office website. Then we have to wait 14 months at least. It is always advisable to hire one patent lawyer for this kind of paper work.