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Will The Prenuptial Agreement Protect All my Current And Future Assets

Will The Prenuptial Agreement Protect All my Current And Future Assets

Will The Prenuptial Agreement Protect All my Current And Future Assets

Yes, pre nuptial agreement will protect all your current and future assets. It excludes the liabilities of the parties towards each other and the asset of the parties earned before or after the marriage will remain the sole property of the individual party. If the parties do not prefer to enter into pre nuptial agreement, the assets will be divided on the equal basis. A pre nuptial agreement supports the matrimonial relation because marriage is not only a physical or emotional bond, but it is also a financial union. Prenuptial agreement is made between the couples who are intending to enter into marriage. It is a complete document that avoids the disputes between the parties on the division of assets. It also provides the mental satisfaction to the couples that whatever they will earn or buy, it remain in their asset.

It also protects the disputes and apprehension between the parties about the division of assets. It is made between spouses before they marry or enter into a civil partnership which establishes how they wish their assets to be divided if they should divorce or have their civil partnership dissolved. It is also used to preserve inherited family wealth.

It is very useful for the couples to enter into pre nuptial agreement before the marriage. It will keep the cordial relation between the spouses. It also minimizes the injustice between spouses. Each couple must describe in great the detail his assets in the pre nuptial agreement. This will help the parties to ascertain which party owns what before the marriage. Mostly, the disputes between the spouses occurred on the financial assets. It also strengthens the family relationship and provides the more pleasure to the matrimonial life. It is an important document because it determines the ownership of the assets. Couples can freely earn or buy anything without the fear that their asset will be divided equally. This agreement stops the operation of rule of division of assets on equal basis. What is law about pre nuptial agreement? The Supreme Court in the case Radmacher v Granatino held that pre nuptial agreements are legally binding. The pre marital agreement must in written form. It must contain fair and just provisions. It must not create imbalance and injustice with any party. The court can vary the agreement if there is an injustice with any party. The couples before entering into this agreement must read carefully and understand the implications of each paragraph of the agreement. The both parties must sign the agreement before the twenty one days of the marriage. Application and features

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