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3 Signs Your Marriage May Be in Trouble

3 Signs Your Marriage May Be in Trouble

Are you spending time looking up couples vacations, or have you been browsing divorce lawyers in Pasco County Florida, instead? After years together, some marriages are hard to make work, leading some couples to think about saying farewell to the union. It’s not uncommon to question long-term compatibility, especially as the years pass by and people find new interests. The following signs are typical of marriages about to end.

1. Loss of Communication

Solid relationships are built on a foundation of communication, both positive and negative. Expression of feelings shows an attempt and openness and honesty, so when a couple works together well, both people want to share the ups and downs. That includes arguments because these debates show an effort to release frustration and resolve hurt feelings.

When marriages become silent, those involved may have given up on finding peace and are just going with the flow. Try seeing a professional therapist begin the lines of communication again.

2. Lack of Intimacy

Physical attraction is part of a marriage, and if that begins to fizzle, it means the romantic connection is no longer present. You may no longer be holding hands or cuddling. Sex drive may decrease or be nonexistent.

3. Constant Anger

Fighting is typical, but if you’re both spending most of the time together in raging verbal battles, then you may want to ask what is brewing underneath. Why is there so much distaste and bitterness? Is someone holding a grudge? Do you see life from two vastly different angles? Staying angry is not healthy for anyone. Speak with someone to see if you can resolve these troubles reasons. If not, find peace on your own.

Sometimes you can work at something for a long time and still not find a resolution or happiness. If you’re in a relationship in which you feel lost or unappreciated, speak with medical professions to see if you can mend the concerns. If not, talk to a divorce lawyer. Separation may bring happiness.